If this video doesn’t get you cranked up for big game hunting, nothing will.

During Labor Day weekend near Jasper, Alberta, Stephen Dana captured this footage of two monster bull elk deciding who’s boss. The one on the left at the beginning of the clip appears to be a 7×9, and the one on the right, which has darker and perhaps slightly smaller frame, is still no slouch – it’s difficult to tell from this video, but he is either a 7×7 or maybe a 7×8.

Both bulls do a fair amount of posturing before they get down to business. And while the animal with the biggest antlers doesn’t always win a fight, in this case it appears the 7×9 has a slightly bigger body and an attitude to match. Watch and enjoy!

Image is screenshot from the Facebook video

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3 thoughts on “Video: World-Class Elk Battle

  1. I have seen this one time. A area near, 30 miles, from Pagosa Springs Colorado. Upper Blanco rd. 7.4 miles, parking or camping on right. You WILL SEE SQUARE TOP on the left. Follow old jeep trail out of campsite. First Aspen grove on right. Go through it until you hit a well worn game trail. Go left. You will go through a dark timber area. Start up a steep rise? SLOW DOWN!!! Careful, top out. And see a area that you Will think you are the first whiteman to ever see this! Spring fed water on the right. And about 50 acres of open area. Surrounded by Old Growth dark timber. Enjoy! I can’t walk it anymore. Know the area so well.
    Don’t believe in keeping a area hid if a few can enjoy it! Oh, to be able to make it ONE MORE TIME. I can’t, but to know someone else can? That means a lot to me. There are several areas to hunt. It’s all National Forest. If you go through 3 old gates? Turn around and backtrack about 1/2 mile. Look to the left. You will see the Grove of Aspen. When you see the valley? Say a prayer to God for giving us places like this.

    1. Amen, Ted. Thanks for sharing that. I personally will most likely never see that place, but I am appreciative that places like that still exist. The remoteness of wilderness areas like that is probably the main reason they remain pristine. If you do go back, take a camera with you!

      1. I am looking through old pictures now. 35mm but still great shots! Took my wife in and later our son. Will find pictures and get them posted. USMC-1968. MY OATH DIDN’T HAVE A EXPIRATION DATE. Take care my friends.
        Hell! Almost forgot! Take Hy 84 from Pagose Springs, goes to Chama, New Mexico. Getting old. Can see area with Maps.

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