Video: 9-Year-Old Flips the Script on Archery Shooting


Shooting a bow and arrow isn’t extremely difficult, but it’s not necessarily easy, either. You don’t have to be in peak physical condition to draw a bow, but a certain level of strength and shoulder stability is required. This 9-year-old flipped the script, and took it to a whole other level, making a shot in which the degree of difficulty is astronomical for most hunters. Go ahead, say this is no big deal, I dare ya. My back hurts just from watching this video.

This 9-year-old has some serious skill, and the gift of flexible vertebrae on her side. She perches herself up on a little stand and impossibly bends herself in a way humans are not meant to bend. She somehow holds the bow with one foot and an arrow with the other, then takes aim at some balloons. I don’t even think I could insert an arrow with my toes sitting in a chair, let alone flipped upside down!

You have to give credit where credit is due, I can’t even begin to describe how horribly wrong this would go if I tried something like this.

P.S. One safety note: While I’m not about to criticize her shooting, she could improve her archery range considerably. It looks like someone could walk, or drive, into her line of fire at any moment. Not good.

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