Hunters know that it won’t be long and the country roads will be busy with farm machinery. After all, fall is harvest season for crops – and wild game!

While no one who has ever been stuck on a rural road behind a slow-moving corn combine has ever considered whether they could drive their vehicle UNDER the machinery rather than pass on the left, the same is evidently NOT true when it comes to passing a field sprayer.

Field sprayer image courtesy of John Deere.
Field sprayer image courtesy of John Deere.

Sprayers are those massive machines with tall, skinny tires; they’re built high off the ground so they don’t flatten growing crops such as soybeans and corn when it’s time to spray for weeds during late spring and early summer.

You probably won’t see field sprayers on the road this fall, but the next time you do see one, DO NOT attempt to pass in the manner shown below by this motorcyclist. One word: Crazy!


Top image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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4 thoughts on “Video: Crazy Motorcyclist vs. Farm Tractor

  1. I’m sure getting tired of your lame videos. What does this have to do with hunting or fishing?
    And can’t you recognize a setup when you see one? This was obviously planned in advance.
    How about another bigfoot video? Good grief.

    1. Mike, this page is about more than hunting and fishing. I agree with you on this video – it was just plain stupid, put on display for all to see.

  2. Proof of the adage that just because you can do something does not mean you should do it. Had the driver of the sprayer moved to the right for him to pass, once the biker disappeared from view, this video might have been a different thing entirely. Even if this was planned, it invites disaster should some fool decide to repeat it or worse yet, top it with some twist on the original.

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