Kudos to USA Today, a Mainstream Publisher that Understands Outdoorsmen


Many American hunters and shooters – me included – love to bash mainstream media. After all, nearly every time they attempt to cover our outdoor passions, they get the facts wrong, or their liberal-leaning tendencies rise to the top and they spin the story to fit their personal and political agendas.

With that in mind, I want take a moment and actually plug a media company that could be considered a competitor to OutdoorHub, at least when it comes to delivering news about current events. I’m talking about USA Today.

Believe it or not, this giant in the publishing world doesn’t mind putting its name on the cover of a hook-and-bullet magazine. Frankly, it’s great to see a mainstream media company acknowledge and support my lifestyle – YOUR lifestyle.

Specifically, I’m referencing the Summer/Fall 2016 USA Today Hunt & Fish Magazine (below).

USA Today 1 9-20-16

FYI for those under 40-ish: USA Today was founded in 1982 (think newspapers), but even with the tidal shifts in technology since then, the media company’s editorial philosophy really hasn’t changed much. As stated on USA Today’s Facebook page (nearly 5.8 million Likes): “Smarter. Faster. More colorful. News that’s meant to be shared.”

A perfect example of USA Today’s content plan can be seen in this 132-page outdoor publication. It includes the latest in gear, tactics and trends for anyone interested in hunting and fishing. Feature-length story topics include camo 101; six top towns for fish and game; trout in the Great Smoky Mountains; a new $100 million wildlife museum/aquarium opening this fall; and Native American chefs who are preserving their cultural cuisine.

USA Today 4 9-20-16

In addition to the longer features, the issue contains a wide selection of shorter columns and departments. You’ll see everything from a quick-and-easy guide to minimalist frogging (yes, frogging!), to tips for building a better duck and goose decoy spread. There’s also a killer recipe for Smoked Planked Trout.

USA Today Decoy spread 9-20-16

Finally, if you’re looking for ideas on where to plan your next hunting, fishing or camping adventure, this publication includes a good number of ads showcasing top-notch destinations. I’ve actually been to several of the places mentioned, and seeing the photos of these incredible places makes me excited to get out of the office and back in the woods and on the water.

You can purchase the print pub on newsstands nationwide, or order it and then bring it to deer camp to share with your buddies. Not into print? No worries, the digital version is available right here for free.

USA Today not only acknowledges that Americans like to hunt and fish, but they seemingly aren’t worried about any backlash from the non-hunting and non-shooting public, either. For that, I give them a tip of my camo hat.




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