This Walmart shopper came across something particularly odd at the gun counter.

The video starts off with a guy shopping around at Walmart, and amazingly, there’s not a Walmart employee anywhere in sight in this video. (Please excuse the strong use of sarcasm.)

He’s browsing near the gun counter when he picks up a product that strikes him as odd. It’s called Gun Oil, but it claims to be water based. Wouldn’t that rust my gun?

Turns out, some Walmart employees evidently don’t know much about guns, or some of their other products for that matter. This particular gun oil doesn’t belong on the gun counter, rather it belongs in the pharmacy department.

Warning: NSFW

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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7 thoughts on “Walmart Mistakenly Places Personal Lubricant ‘Gun Oil’ Product on Gun Counter

  1. Or maybe NOT? Germany Made “Ballistol” Gun Oil, Wound Disinfectant and General Purpose Lubrication. Is Water-Based White Mineral Oil! Or maybe Walmart does like Any Other Retailer, SIMPLY Filling Up A Hole (Shelf Space)…

  2. huh, never knew your walmart’s sold guns, most of ours don’t even sell ammo, got to go to licenced sporting goods stores and have your FAC.

      1. Co.= Colorado? or county? I’m not trying to be stupid or rude, just not real up to speed on the two letters representing states and here Co. is short for county, as in I am from Lanark Co.

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