Update: More Photos Released of Potential World-Record Archery Elk


Update: Last week, the Boone and Crockett Club and Pope & Young Club announced that a potential new world-record archery elk had been shot in Montana.

We published an article about the potential world-record elk last week, and now more pictures and info have been released of the elk, and it is really, REALLY big. Check this out: The current P&Y world-record typical was taken in Arizona in 2005 and scored 412 1/8 net points. The bull shown in these pics green-scored (before drying) 448 4/8 gross, and 429 6/8 net. Those numbers are hard to comprehend!

The antlers are still going through the 60 drying period, but judging by these photos, it looks like we have a new archery world-record holder on our hands.

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