Colorado Candidates Tackle Gun Control in Upcoming Senate Race


The race this cycle for Colorado’s seat on the U.S. Senate is shaping up to potentially make a big difference for gun-owning residents. There has been a large push toward gun control regulation in Colorado while Democratic Senator Michael Bennet was in office, but should he be unseated this fall by Republican Darryl Glenn, the state could see fewer gun regulations moving forward.

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Senator Michael Bennet (above) has been given an F rating by the NRA, which coins him as a consistent anti-gun candidate. During his time in office, Bennet has demonstrated a penchant for gun control. Some of his actions include the support of like-minded, anti-gun nominees for the Supreme Court, as well as support of the United Nations gun ban treaty. Senator Bennet has also supported the banning of semi-automatic firearms, as well as magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds, regardless of standard capacity.

Senator Bennet did, however, co-sponsor S. 721, also known as the Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act. The purpose of this bill was to create public ranges for target practice for the purpose of recreational archery, pistol, rifle or shotgun shooting. In order to obtain firearms to shoot at such venues, you have to pass an expanded background check for purchases made online, at gun shows, or via private sales in accordance with Bennet’s beliefs.

“Colorado’s legislature closed the gun show loophole and the internet loophole and required a background check for every gun sale,” Bennet said during a filibuster about gun laws, also noting that of 350,000 applicants, 7,714 people were prohibited from buying guns.

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Vying to take over the senate seat is Republican Darryl Glenn. Given an A rating by the NRA, Glenn (above) is very much a friend of the gun community, proclaiming that he will defend the rights of Colorado gun owners. He brings to the table a belief in preserving the Second Amendment-protected rights of veterans, along with the everyman as well, hoping to put an end to government monitoring and intrusion on multiple levels. Glenn actually goes so far as to suggest that it is our own vigilance that has the most power to prevent violence.

Also to his credit are promises such as fighting a ban on “assault weapons” and standard-capacity magazines. On his agenda as well is opposition of the U.N. gun ban treaty, and of utmost importance is that he protests against appointing a new Supreme Court justice with an anti-gun outlook. In short, Darryl Glenn could be the ally Colorado gun owners haven’t had in some time.

Senate candidate Darryl Glenn has an A rating from the NRA.
Senate candidate Darryl Glenn has an A rating from the NRA.

“I will continue to defend the right of all Coloradans to own, purchase, and enjoy firearms without the intrusion or monitoring of the government,” stated Darryl Glenn on his website.

When the election rolls around this November, Colorado residents have an important decision to make. The two candidates have such different views on guns, and the winner will no doubt work toward implementing his beliefs on the state’s gun climate in the future. Whichever way the vote swings, Colorado has a lot on the line.

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