We recently highlighted the humorous – and informative – video from College Humor on the topic of trophy hunting.

The film below tackles similar subject matter, but instead of using humor to get across an important point, you’ll hear directly from those people whose lives are forever being changed due to misguided game/hunting laws. You’ll even meet two brothers (1:30 mark of the film) who now poach to feed their families. Shown above is their father, and his story needs to be heard.

Suggestion: The next time you’re at a social gathering and someone starts spouting off about the “evils” of trophy hunting, or how hunters are responsible for declining game populations, simply share this article with them and dare them to watch the film below.

P.S.: “A Conservationist’s Cry” from the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa was produced because of the generosity of my several organizations and private citizens, including: African Professional Hunters Association (APHA), Cecil Corringham, Harris Junell, John Sharp, Mazunga Safaris, Pete Fick, PHASA Conservation & Empowerment Fund, Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance – powered by Redpoint Resolutions, Robin Hurt Safari Company (Pty) Ltd, Safari Club International, Safari Club International Foundation, Steve Chancellor & The Chancellor Wildlife Foundation, Warren Sackman III, and Wild Sheep Foundation.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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3 thoughts on “Video: How to Respond to an Anti-Hunter

  1. Very compelling message – it should be made available at every high school and university to provide accurate information and lessons learned for anyone pondering the value and morality of humanity’s most basic survival instinct – hunting. Amen and a job well done to the producers!

  2. Hunting in Africa is Conservation… Only Hunters care for Wildlife & generate more Dollars for Animal Protection which is “The Hunters Paradox…” Anti-Hunters coupled with Poachers are the reasons that – relating to the Tragic Western Black Rhino’s extinction last 2013 – more animals are going to be next on the vicious-cycle of extinction in less than several years If we don’t support and tolerate Hunting in Africa… Hoping it is not going to be the Northern White Rhino? Elephant? Lion? or any other endangered animal to be next in line… We need to support these Hunters for sport to protect these endangered animals from Africa…

  3. I’d have to call BS on conservation being a universal hunting ethic, where I’m from in eastern Ont, back when I was a kid, all the locals fought tooth and nail to ban americans from being able to get tags, they got the law’s past, now only locals can hunt, the reason? 1 to many big bucks with their rack chopped off and left to rot in the bush, as for africa? you’ll have to come up with a lot more proof that these great white trophy hunters give a rats ass what happens to the carcass after they get their trophy, if it wasn’t for the fact that the guides and their family in the permitted hunts got to keep what ever was left for bush meat, I’d bet africain game would be left to rot just like they did here! however I do agree too much attention is focused on trophy hunters, probably because unlike the poachers they post their kills all over social media, I think there should be a poacher hunting permit, and no I do NOT mean the sustenance poachers, just the ones killing for profit, I wouldn’t object to having one of those heads on my wall.

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