Video: How to Respond to an Anti-Hunter


We recently highlighted the humorous – and informative – video from College Humor on the topic of trophy hunting.

The film below tackles similar subject matter, but instead of using humor to get across an important point, you’ll hear directly from those people whose lives are forever being changed due to misguided game/hunting laws. You’ll even meet two brothers (1:30 mark of the film) who now poach to feed their families. Shown above is their father, and his story needs to be heard.

Suggestion: The next time you’re at a social gathering and someone starts spouting off about the “evils” of trophy hunting, or how hunters are responsible for declining game populations, simply share this article with them and dare them to watch the film below.

P.S.: “A Conservationist’s Cry” from the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa was produced because of the generosity of my several organizations and private citizens, including: African Professional Hunters Association (APHA), Cecil Corringham, Harris Junell, John Sharp, Mazunga Safaris, Pete Fick, PHASA Conservation & Empowerment Fund, Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance – powered by Redpoint Resolutions, Robin Hurt Safari Company (Pty) Ltd, Safari Club International, Safari Club International Foundation, Steve Chancellor & The Chancellor Wildlife Foundation, Warren Sackman III, and Wild Sheep Foundation.

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