Wisconsin Hunter Puts Up School Bus Blind


What’s your favorite style deer stand? Climber, ladder, ground blind? How about hunting out of an elevated school bus blind?

According to this KARE 11 news article, that’s what this hunter in Springbrook, Wisconsin, prefers for his ambush. The whole thing started when Jesse Kauffman’s dad, who used to have an old camper elevated on the fuel barrel, told him he wouldn’t be able to get a bus up there. However, as the owner of an excavation company, Jesse had an advantage. He calls himself a bit of an overachiever, and taking one look at his massive elevated bus blind, we have to agree.

School Bus Deer Blind
Image courtesy KARE 11 News video

This is the wildest deer stand we’ve ever seen . . . and talk about roomy! So, what are some of the cool/odd blinds you have seen or hunted from during deer season?

You can watch the news video story on Jesse and his genius school bus blind on Kare 11‘s website.

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