Video: Slow Motion Bullet Splitting on an Axe Blade


Think slow motion videos are cool? Wait until you see this slow motion video of a bullet splitting on an axe blade. Bullet Theory Films specializes in slow motion footage, here are a couple mesmerizing videos that are hard to look away from to prove it.

The first video shows a slow motion shot of a gun firing at an axe blade. A really impressive shot, but it makes for some even cooler slow motion footage. It takes two attempts at it, (Come on, you couldn’t hit it on your first try?) but they finally hit the razor thin blade and the bullet splits like a knife through hot butter.

The second video shows a skull shaped bottle getting shot by a .45 ACP 230 grain bullet. We really can’t tell what it is in the bottle, but what ever it is, it explodes and goes everywhere when hit by that .45. Checkout the video below:

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