Dan and Farris Wilks, the billionaire brothers from Texas who hit it big time when they sold their fracking company, are becoming the worst nightmare for Idaho elk hunters.

According to medium.com, the Wilks brothers recently purchased a huge chunk of land ranging close to 200,000 acres in southern Idaho’s Valley Country. Imagine your favorite elk hunting honey-hole suddenly closed because two rich guys bought the land and then closed it right in the peak of elk hunting season.

Needless to say, hunters are very angry with the Wilks brothers, but taking away public land and diminishing outdoor recreation would also be economically devastating to Valley County. In a report from Headwaters Economics, approximately 500,000 snowmobilers visit Valley County when there’s a good amount of snowfall. If the Wilks keep up this public land shopping spree, they could end up costing Valley County approximately $832,000 in sales, not to mention all the bull elk they’re now hording on their property.

For the regular Joe hunter, it’s rarely a good outcome when public land becomes private. Click here for more on how to keep these lands open to everyone.

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4 thoughts on “Billionaire Brothers Becoming the Worst Nightmare for Idaho Elk Hunters

  1. They bought private land, not public, that was allowing some access. They are not required to continue that, and if they choose not to allow access, what is that to you?

  2. Why is this story basically stating that the Wilk Brothers bought 200,000 acres of Public Land?.If they bought private land surrounding it and access is blocked,that is totally different. Huge companies and wealthy people do it all the time, ranchers do this and have for decades…OutdoorHub, so what is the real story?????..

  3. They bought the land. it is theirs now. They can use it as it pleases them.The author of the article and the hunters have problem with the wealth of the brothers and don’t know that they have to respect other people’s rights. If government sold the land to brothers go protest with government. And no, I am not anti gun and anti hunting zealot but I am for protecting people’s natural rights including the right to use their private property as they like.

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