Bull Elk Making Mid-Michigan Temporary Home


It happens all the time: animals wander to places they aren’t normally found, they visit for a while and then they eventually venture back to the place they call home.

A bull elk has apparently decided to make mid-Michigan its temporary home after being spotted in several locations throughout the area.

With several private game facilities across the state, the first steps were to ensure it was not an elk that escaped from one of these high-fence facilities. Officials are confident, after contacting facilities and reviewing photos, that this is a wild bull elk simply out exploring mid-Michigan.

“We first started receiving reports of a bull elk in Ogemaw County, and then Gladwin County and most recently near Beal City and the Herrick area in Isabella County,” said Michigan Department of Natural Resources elk specialist Chad Stewart.

Maybe the elk is looking for a night out on the campus of Central Michigan University, I mean it can’t be just a coincidence that the elk decided to show up on “pint night.” (Can I get a Fire-up Chips?)

Early archery deer season just opened Saturday, October 1, and a lot of folks will be hitting the woods and checking their trail cameras. The DNR asks if you have any information on the location of this elk to please report it.

“Typically, a stray wild animal like this will make his way back to where the rest of the herd is found,” said Stewart. “It may take several weeks to months for this to happen, so we appreciate any information on this elk and its whereabouts.”

Find out more information by checking out the press release below:

Mid-Michigan Elk

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