Video: Knife Wielding Clown Terrorizes Bowhunter


This “clown epidemic” just took a serious turn after a knife-wielding clown terrorized a bowhunter.

Draven Riffe posted a video to his Facebook recently, showing a knife-carrying clown walk right to his treestand while he was hunting one afternoon.

He shouts at the clown to make him aware he’s trespassing on private property, but the clown isn’t fazed. Instead, the clown reveals a large butcher knife, and that’s when Draven goes into a panic.

Some people are calling this video a hoax, and we’re with them. Although Draven says he was so shaken afterward, he waited nearly 2 hours in his treestand for law enforcement to come and escort him out of the woods.

If you’re one of these clown idiots, you seriously better think twice before walking around the woods with a weapon. In self defense, some hunters might take things into their own hands and things could get messy real fast.

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