This “clown epidemic” just took a serious turn after a knife-wielding clown terrorized a bowhunter.

Draven Riffe posted a video to his Facebook recently, showing a knife-carrying clown walk right to his treestand while he was hunting one afternoon.

He shouts at the clown to make him aware he’s trespassing on private property, but the clown isn’t fazed. Instead, the clown reveals a large butcher knife, and that’s when Draven goes into a panic.

Some people are calling this video a hoax, and we’re with them. Although Draven says he was so shaken afterward, he waited nearly 2 hours in his treestand for law enforcement to come and escort him out of the woods.

If you’re one of these clown idiots, you seriously better think twice before walking around the woods with a weapon. In self defense, some hunters might take things into their own hands and things could get messy real fast.

Image from Draven Riffe Facebook

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47 thoughts on “Video: Knife Wielding Clown Terrorizes Bowhunter

    1. Wait I am 15 or so feet up a tree in a stand bow hunting deer and I don’t peg the clown terrorizing me with a knife to the ground with one of my arrows soooo fake……

  1. It doesn’t matter if it’s fake or not, someone is fixin’ to get killed and it ain’t gonna be a hunter……. This clown crap is getting out of hand, I just wonder what the government is trying to distract us from…

  2. FAKE! In no jurisdiction would the police take 2 hours to reach a hunter calling about a “killer clown” threatening hunters with a knife. The hunters outfit was too new/clean to be a hunter. How many (true) hunters paint their face? This screams FAKE in so many ways.

  3. In regards to these idiots dressing up in clown costumes, here are some ideas for those who get all “skeered!!”
    First, these are just a bunch of punks getting there kicks and bprobably have someone recording it for their own twisted entertainment.

    Secondly, they may even be followers of Insane Clown Posse and/or members of the Juggalos. Google search them.

    I can tell you this much, if one of these idiots

    1. Could also be a type of “Psychological Warfare”, first used by the Qin Dynasty ~220 BC. Called “YuSze” by Emperor Shih Huang-Ti, First Emperor of Qin…

      1. How is a damn idiot running around in a Bozo suit supposed to accomplish psychological warfare?! I reckon it might work on the weak minded.
        Im the type that goes toward the fight. If they come to my domain or interrupt my peace, i am a firm believer in returning the visit on their doorstep, so to speak.
        The only psychological warfare here would me, or someone else with a pair, simply beating the schidthead senseless in order to instill a “psychological” lesson in proper manners and behavior.

      2. After looking at the Video a Couple More Times? I have to Agree with the “Others”. It’s “Staged”. The Hunter in in A Tree Stand, In No Immediate Threat. And Has A Upper Advantage on the “Clown”, A BOW. And the “Ridiculous” Camouflage Face Paint. And What Is With the “Fumbling” of the Video Camera…

      3. Exactly. I’m up a tree with a compound and broadheads – what have I got to worry about. Use your phone and call the cops if the clown makes threats.

    2. Yes. Juggalos are super scary and are behind all this. I also hear Juggalos are the group running the Republicans behind the scenes. Coincidence?

      1. Well by the measure of you’re theory, then it would be fair to surmize that Black Lives Matter and ISIS are running theUltra-Liberal-Socialists-Subversive-DemoncRats campaign. In fact, I’d wager the idiot in the clown suite is a card carrying Yellow Dog. Next we know, those basturds will be whining, Juggalo Lives Matter. Obamy subversives harassing white men “who cling to their guns and religion.”
        Like they say….
        Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by Ultra-Liberal-Socialist-Subversives-DemocRats and rabidly promoted by a lamestream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
        I mean afterall, look at the Hildabeast!

      2. And Bill Cosby was accused of sexual assault and he loses career…..while your nominee admitted sexual assault and he’s running for president and keeps his business………..

      3. Well my friend, he pales in comparison to Hillary Clinton. In fact, a knife wielding clown is no match for Hilldabeast. If you can admit that Hillary is corrupt and has been all her career as a lawyer and later as a politician, then you give yourself credibility in your statement of Trump. Ive always voted for the person and NOT the party. If you choose to be like the millions of America’s who treat politics like a sporting event, by supporting your team, then that’s a big problem. Could the republicans have a much better candidate? You bet!! However, Hillary Clinton is rotten to the core.

      4. I know its been a looooong time since this conversation and i honestly am not being sarcastic..but i would like to know what do you think of your candidate now…everyone talked about how corrupt Hillary was …witj all the russian scandals sureounding numerous trump family members and his cabinet..him denying the russian involvement and basically turning on everyone tjat disagrees with him …the trump university lawsuit..basically defending white supremacists hate groups…all this in half a year….do you still believe he was the right candidate?

    3. Your comment reads like it’s you that’s the psycho. If your answer to a trespasser is stripping them naked, tying them to a tree then having a beer you need some mental help fast. Where do you hide YOUR clown outfit?

      1. I am humored by your comment. Your statement suggests a reading comprehension problem and maybe a lack of staying with the gist of the subject.
        When folks pick small part of a statement and take it completely out of context of the total sum of the subject, they sound just like your response.
        Let’s you and I review for your benefit.
        The subject is about someone dressed in a clown suit with a butcher knife.
        If that person comes near me in a manner that I percieve as a threat, then you can be absolutely sure i will do as I’ve stated.
        Im reasonably sure that a person brandishing a butcher knife meets the criteria. I wont be shaking his hand and offering a Daniel Webster cigar to him.
        It will NOT matter if the incident occurs in my hunting area, “trespassing” or anywhere else, such as a city park with my wife and kids.
        Now that we have reviewed, raise your hand if there is anything else you don’t understand and I’ll be happy to help you.

    4. FAKE ! I would be ashamed to admit that I was afraid of a clown when I had a compound bow ! Pretty sure the clown can throw a knife as good as a hunter can place an arrow ! Just a kid looking for attention !

  4. I’m too old to be dealing with idiots trying to scare me while sitting in a stand. If you threaten me with a knife? I can’t promise you won’t be shot.

  5. Some people must hunt in the city. I have hunted some places where you can’t get cell phone reception, so how is someone going to call the sheriff?

  6. What a bunch of bullshit. He had a compound bow vs a retard with a knife and he was scared like a little girl??? Seriously?

  7. Here you go again. You say you are with the “hoax” people but you send it out anyway.
    You guys are a feaking joke. You could have checked the police report If they were
    actually called and escorted him out there would be a report. I guess you are just too
    lazy to do any follow up before sending it out and wasting are time with more junk.

  8. So, none of you would be a little traumatized if this was real ? So this wouldn’t shake you up IF you thought you may have to shoot another human being ?

    1. I’ve been Threaten by Someone With A Knife Before, and THEY Were Less than 4-feet Away. By ALL Indications of the Video, the Bow Hunter was at Least 20-feet Up in a Tree Stand and the Tree Stand at Least 50-feet from the CLOWN. If He (the Bow Hunter) Felt Fear, He Has No Business Hunting. Because there are Scarier Thing’s in the Forest, Other that a Knife Wielding Clown (a.e. Bears and Wolves)…

    2. Traumatized by a Wacko in a clown suit and I am armed? Hmmmm
      Not so much. Butcher knife verses a good broad head arrow… not even close.
      No, I would not be shaken and I would not be stirred. I would be alive. My survival instincts are very strong as is my belief in God.
      Plus I always carry a full size hand gun when hunting.
      No but sitting there for two hours like a sitting duck isn’t a strong survival instinct, as a matter of fact, it is an absence of one.

      1. Ah but I believe you are not a teenage kid, who hasn’t gone through the strife of life. I am betting the only trauma he has seen is on the football field.
        I would be shaken had I had to make a decision to shoot another human being, EVEN though I had a compound bow AND my 9mm Springfield which I ALSO carry to the woods.

  9. Duh…any well practiced bow hunter could put an arrow right through his (or her) clown shoe and problem solved. Either you prove this clown is evil and deserves another shot or most likely you are perceived as a real threat and the clown high-tails it outta there. What a bunch of yuppies…..!!!

  10. My state allows concealed carry while hunting. Only provision is the firearm can’t be use during the hunt. Clowns don’t show up in the hunting regulations for a time, date or bag limit. Open season I guess on stupid knife wielding clowns.

  11. I also think that it is fake. I could see a moment of surprise in seeing something like that in the woods (if it were real) BUT… reviewing the video I see that the guy is in a climber stand. Assuming that he is using the climber stand the way it is intended, there are no sticks (ladder) attached to the tree to climb up to the stand. That being the case, how the heck is the clown going to get to him to stab him with the knife? As far as waiting for the law to show up before he got down, eh…I don’t know about that either. He should know the property he is hunting on and should know the fastest route to a road or house. I do when I hunt, it’s common sense. If it’s fake and he really called the police he should be charged. He’s old enough to know better.

    1. I agree, not to mention that the clown could have had an arrow planted in his chest. If this is for real, the bow hunter is a wimp in panic mode.

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