It’s always cool when you find out your favorite celebrity shares your passion for hunting and the outdoors. Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg declared his love for hunting, fishing, the outdoors and BBQ.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, was live on Facebook and declared his love for hunting, harvesting his own food and barbecuing. In the 30-minute live video, Mark said: “Things taste better when you cook them yourself, but they taste doubly better when you’ve hunted the animal yourself.”

One of the live viewers of Mark’s video asked if he hunts, and Mark confirmed that he does in fact hunt (when he has the time.) Mark stated, “Yeah, I hunt. It’s a good way to feel connected to nature.” He went on to say, “If you’re going to eat meat, you should get to know where it comes from.”

That’s what hunting is all about. Being able to harvest and provide food for your family is what’s so rewarding.

Mark said he started hunting around 4 or 5 years ago, and from the sound of it, he’s hooked.

Image from Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

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23 thoughts on “Video: Mark Zuckerberg Declares Love for Hunting, Outdoors and BBQ on Facebook Live

  1. If you have a love for hunting and the outdoors. How come its so hard to keep a good buy and sell page for hunting and fishing equipment on Facebook? It seems every time a decent page is made , someone from Facebook is shutting it down!

  2. Mark Zuckerburg is a lying Liberal anti0gun loon. Yeah, like he really hunts. He probably sits in one of his mansions and videos the event from afar. If he’s so much in love with hunting his own food, then will someone explain to me why he shuts down EVERY firearms related page on his social media sites? Yeah, I thought so. Just another liberal that thinks what is, purportedly, good for him is bad for all others. Jackass.

  3. Mark grow a set of balls and stop lying , if yo believe in all this then why are you shutting down so many gun clubs on facebook, i can understand certain things being sold . But gun parts accessories thats bullshit .so if you you have done all this and you do use guns to hunt great or even target practice then reach down there grasp firm but don’t hurt yourself from lying.

  4. I remember guiding him out of king city. His group harvested hogs, rams, and a huge bison. It was a lot of fun having them out. It was one of his first hunts if not his first hunt.

  5. Mark you really don’t strike me as the type of person that is a hunter. Do you go out into the woods, becoming one with nature for a week at a time? I think that it is great that you speak well of hunting. Perhaps you can help advocate for preserving lands for future hunters. Anymore, it just seems like you need to be a millionaire to hunt. Not only is all the gear rather pricey, but more and more you need to own your land. If you don’t own the land, you pay a premium to be allowed on someone else’s land. As a billionaire, perhaps you could purchase and set aside thousands of acres for future hunters!!

  6. I’m not surprised. I never liked that look and fake smile, on his face. He looks just like all rich people who do not have anything better to do than to kill the living world around them. Shame on you Mark Zuckerberg.! And you have face to tell us how you like to be connected with nature.! But Mark, you are so disconnected from nature, like day is from the night.

    1. Don’t waste your time here; better get on over to Trader Joe’s…there’s a sale on organic range grass-fed chicken. Lol.

    2. The hundreds of millions of incidents over the last two million years, in which human beings killed animals for food, are like a mega tsunami, bearing down on your argument…

  7. I’m sure he enjoys hunting. It’s researching the hunt, traveling to the location, setup/breakdown of camp, cooking meals, packing gear, stalking the kill, making sure it’s a legal harvest, packing meat, cutting meat, processing meat, cooking your own meals and pooping in the woods that I presume he will never understand

  8. If your into hunting mark maybe you should revisit facebooks negative policy towards anything firearm related . A picture of a firearm can send you or your group to Facebook jail . I used to really like some Facebook groups that were firearm based but they got shut down because of Facebook policy . Time to ” man up !” And make Facebook firearm friendly if you are ! Shooting and hunting are very important to me .

  9. But yet he removes my “Outdoor Sportsman Classifieds ” group for absolutely nothing of fb wrong doing…bc someone kept reporting it bc there were Licensed Firearm dealer advertising on it once and a while……it nice how some people can donthings like that to others..where all different kinds of businesses advanced

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