The black bear known as Pedals that walked upright and strolled the streets of New Jersey, was believed to be harvested by a hunter last week.

OutdoorHub featured an article about Pedals the bear back in June. The bear gained social media fame when he was seen cruising neighborhoods on his hind legs because of injuries to both his forelegs.

Although some non-hunters are probably sad Pedals was shot, we are happy for the hunter, and glad that Pedals is no longer suffering. Just because the bear didn’t show signs of struggling, doesn’t mean it wasn’t. The bear was missing its front right leg and clearly had a deformed or injured left front leg. Black bears are tough animals.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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2 thoughts on ““Pedals”, the Walking Bear, Harvested During New Jersey Bear Hunt

  1. While I understand the hunter did nothing illegal here, I think it was a dumb idea for him to shoot this particular bear. He clearly knew of the bear’s popularity on the internet since he bragged about “shooting pedals”. It would have made the sportsman’s community look a lot more respectable if he would have been able to brag about NOT shooting this bear, even though he could have.

  2. Bi-Pedal Bears are NOT That Uncommon. I Remember back in the Early 2000’s , Making a Domino’s Pizza Delivery in a Neighborhood on an Halloween Night. And seeing What I Thought at the Time to Be the Best “Trick-O-Treat” Costume of the Night. As I Got Closer, I Realized the Costumed Figure was Actually a Bear. Police Later Determined that the Bear Was Curious about the “Tick-O-Treaters” Running Around In Costumes and Went to Investigate the Neighborhood. Bear was Captured and Relocated to a National Forest Park in my State…

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