Video: Deer Crashes Through Small Window Confirms The Rut is On


If you’re sitting around wondering if you should go hunting this weekend, this video may answer your questions.

Are the conditions going to be right? Has the rut started yet? Did that cold front get the deer up and moving? These are all questions we ask ourselves constantly before going hunting. But this video might just answer all of those questions.

A surveillance camera of a PC repair shop in North Carolina caught this footage of a deer that came crashing through a 8-inch-wide window. Steve Baker, one of the owners of the PC repair shop, told 13 News Now, “That’s that first deer I have ever seen in town. They usually stay out, but we are right across the street from a wooded area with fields.” Thankfully, after a bit of confusion, the deer found its way back out of the shop.

It’s called “the rut” Steve, and deer are especially crazy during this time of year. Bucks will soon be oozing with testosterone and chasing does all day long, so don’t be surprised if more deer come running into town.

In conclusion, it appears that the rut is on, so you should probably plan to get out in the woods and in your treestand whenever you can.

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