We can tell you right off the bat, the guy in this video is not a hunter, and has no respect for nature or wild animals.

We know he’s not a hunter, because hunters always respect the game we chase. Harassing any animal, especially in its own territory, is sheer stupidity. You can never predict how an animal will react, but when you display as much stupidity and ignorance as this guy, you can almost bet that things will go badly.

Watch what happens in the video below:

Jason didn’t learn his lesson here, he pushed Mother Nature about as far as you can push it and just got lucky. Contrary to Jason’s beliefs, slapping on a pair of ears and whacking a moose in the antlers does not make you a bigger person, it makes you a very dumb person. We would never wish harm on somebody, but we wonder what Jason’s plan was if the moose decided to trample him. Don’t mess with the bull if you can’t handle the horns, or in this case, antlers.

We aren’t too worried that our readers would ever attempt something like this, but we found it ironic that the video offered this warning: “Do not try this with wild animals. Their actions and reactions are unpredictable and sometimes dangerous to humans.”

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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14 thoughts on “Video: Guy Messes With Bull Moose Gets Very Lucky

  1. This guy should be arrested and charged with something! What is his point anyway? He is plainly harassing a wild animal and I believe that’s a crime. Is it not? He’s obviously done this before by how he imitated the moose and kept the tree between him and the moose. He also thought to wear blaze orange so he didn’t get shot. What a fool!

    1. The reality is that he should be charged. If he was injured or killed by the moose (should have been) they would have then said that the animal would have to be euthanized because it showed aggression towards people.
      This should have been do stupid things, get rewarded.

  2. Shouldn’t Outdoor Hub place a disclaimer on all forms of sheer stupidity before they post them , then put them into a special file to be viewed on April First by. certified Fools ?
    Seriously this truly is a case of mess with the bull …….. you get the horn . One of the more macabre hunting related photographs I ever saw was the skeleton of a man impaled on the antlers of a moose skeleton with a hunting knife jammed in the neck vertebrae ; found in Montana in the 1950’s if I remember correctly .

  3. It’s your internet site and I’m all for freethinking Americans but hunters seeing Bigfoot, if your format is directed towards being the National Enquirer of outdoor sports entertainment? Or trying to portray hunters as Bigfoot goofballs.

  4. Most of you need to get over yourself and quit being a bunch of nannies. It’s his life. I see motorcycle riders go between cars with no helmets at 90 mph, I see trick riders doing triple back flips in Xtreme sports, I saw Steve Irwin pick up the most venomous snakes on the planet. And?? You chose your risks. His life, his choice.

    1. This is none of those things. He’s not being an athlete, he’s not doing research. He’s harrassing a wild animal for no reason. For that he should be arrested. It’s not like he’s catching fireflies or something. Personally I could care less that he endangers himself….

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