1. Monkfish

Monkfish are known for their huge head and mouth, and its meaty white flesh is often compared to lobster. Only the tail of the monkfish is edible. It has a unique flavor and texture, and is a common substitute for snapper, sea bass, halibut, mahi-mahi or sea scallops.

Ugly Fish That Actually Taste Delicious
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2. Eel (Freshwater and Marine)

Freshwater eels (unagi) and marine eels (conger eel, anago) are typically found used in Japanese dishes. Eel is a popular ingredient used in sushi.

4 Ugly Fish That Taste Delicious
Image courtesy lwpkommunikacio Flickr

3. Cornetfish

Ranging up to almost 7 feet in length, cornetfish are another popular fish often used in Japanese dishes. They are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters. This big red cornetfish was caught off the coast of Kona, Hawaii.

4. Geoduck

This is the largest burrowing clam in the world, and is native to the west coast of North America. It’s considered a delicacy in China (and priced accordingly) where it is cooked in a fondu-style hot pot. It’s also quite delicious dipped in spicy chili sauce or wasabi and soy sauce.

Ugly Fish That Taste Delicious
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