Video: Angler Catches Drone from Sky plus Crappies from Sunken Boat


Aaron Wiebe from “Uncut Angling” is the real deal. Or to use another term often thrown around by guides and tournament anglers, he’s “a good stick.”

Not only does Aaron catch big fish and lots of them, but his show is tremendously popular because the young man is flat out entertaining to watch.

For a recent example, check out the video below. Aaron is on his way to Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba’s Eastern Region to hopefully catch some slab crappies, when he bumps into a guy at a gas station who claims to have knowledge of a hot crappie spot, a sunken boat.

So Aaron fires up his Humminbird Helix 12 fishfinder and attempts to locate the sunken vessel. And as you can see in the video, the deep-water debris is home to several slabs!

Kudos to Aaron for making great videos; we especially love the drone footage. And nice catch of the descending drone in between hooksets. Now that’s what we call “multitasking.”

Viewing tip: Click here to start the video at the 12-minute mark if you want to get into the fish-catching action sooner, but feel free to watch the entire video below if you have the time. More “Uncut Angling” is always a good thing.

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