INFOGRAPHIC: How Well Do You Know Whitetail Subspecies?


Hopefully you’re reading this while sitting in a treestand or groundblind. If a mature whitetail buck sneaks through your shooting lane while your eyes are glued to your smartphone . . . well, that’s the risk you take as a modern-day deer hunter.

When you experience a lull in deer activity, take a 5-minute break and recharge your brain and sharpen your focus by reading this infographic.

Did you know that wildlife biologists recognize 38 distinct subspecies of whitetails, and that 29 of those are native to North America? With assistance from the team at Cabela’s, we wanted to learn what sets 10 of the most-frequently-hunted whitetail subspecies apart from one another. Check out our findings below, and good luck hunting!

CAB_KnowYourWhihtetail v4

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