Video: Goliath Grouper Pulls Angler Overboard


Fact: Many people like to partake in fun activities during an out-of-state vacation that they can’t do at home. Take Dustin from South Dakota, for example.

We don’t know for sure if Dustin is an avid angler, but judging from the fish-fighting skills he demonstrates early on in this video, we’d have to say “yes.” Sure, his home state is known for walleyes and not Goliath grouper, but Dustin still appears to be at home in a boat with rod and reel in hand.

Things start going south for the birthday boy (yes, Dustin is celebrating his b-day on the boat), when the massive fish makes a bit of a run to the left at the exact moment the small saltwater vessel crests a large wave. When you combine these two factors, Dustin loses his balance and . . . well, you can see the rest for yourself.

Kudos to Dustin for not wearing one of those wimpy fish-fighting belts or being strapped into a fighting chair. Instead, his guide from Big Bully Outdoors enables Dustin to go toe-to-tail with the Goliath grouper. To ensure the rod doesn’t end up lost at sea, the guide has a safety rope tied to it. Evidently this isn’t the guide’s first rodeo, either.

Dustin avoids the trolling motor on his fall – and thankfully isn’t hurt – and is able to continue fighting the fish after being pulled back into the boat.

In this contest of Dustin vs. Goliath, the underdog from SoDak got knocked down but eventually won the fight.

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