Video: Funny Ice Fishing Fails to Avoid this Year


If there’s one thing to look forward to as the temperatures begin to fall, it’s ice fishing.

We spend a lot of time dreading the snow and cold weather, but when it does arrive, we find a lake with some solid ice cover and start drilling holes. Spending a day out on a frozen lake chasing tip-ups and looking over freshly cut holes is a riot, but anyone that knows ice fishing knows it comes with ups and downs.

There never really is a dull moment when you’re out ice fishing with your buddies. There’s a lot of standing around time, and for some, that’s how it starts. There’s too much time to get into mischief, and that’s probably how some of these in the video below happened.

With that being said, here is a compilation of some funny ice fishing fails that you can hopefully avoid this year:

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