Ted Nugent Shoots Big Buck for ‘All American Sporters that Voted Trump’


You know better than to think that Ted Nugent was going to go silent after the election results. He went live on Facebook the morning after election night to share his thoughts.

Ted Nugent stuck his cheerful mug in a camera not long after the results came out, and only moments before going hunting Wednesday morning. His video is full of funny Ted Nugent sayings, plus you have to love that he’s dressed in full camo, getting ready to go deer hunting.

Moving on to the real reason of this article, and the more ironic part of the story, Ted Nugent went out after posting this video and shot himself a really great buck!

In a mildly excited Facebook post only Ted Nugent could write, he shows off the buck. He wrote, “I’m high stoned schnackered drunk inebriated schnookered intoxicated totally blathered beyhondo on mighty whitetail monster buckaroo goo!”

That must be “Ted Nugent talk” for I’m excited.

He went on saying that this buck was “for all American sporters that voted Trump,” which earned this deer it’s nickname – The Trump buck.

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