Fore please, we have a group of about 20 mongooses that would like to play through.

On Thursday, the European Golf Tour at Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa had a pack of mongooses storm one of the greens during the second of three playoff events.

This type of behavior is typically not welcomed on the golf course, however these mongooses showed they do have some golf etiquette by not touching any of the balls in play. After they cleared the green, play resumed without any issues, besides the confused faces of some players and fans.

Wild animals always make headlines when they get involved in sporting events. Last weekend, a squirrel found itself in the middle of Lambeau Field during a Packers game. Officials eventually had to stop play in order to corral the little creature.

Image from The European Tour Twitter

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One thought on “Video: Mongooses Storm Green at European Golf Tour Event

  1. High point of the whole NFL weekend and they won’t allow it to be shown ; thanks NFL I will watch paint dry before I’ll waste any time watching scripted football for entertainment .

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