The new social media trend is upon us. Right now, the tweetable, must-watch video trend is the Mannequin Challenge.

What is the Mannequin Challenge you ask? People just stand still. That’s just the short version, but really everyone’s version is different. In these short video clips, people remain completely motionless while a camera winds its way around everyone standing in their frozen poses.

It’s been all the rage lately, so it’s only fitting that the Quality Deer Management Association decided to get involved. They brought us an outdoor version of the Mannequin Challenge, and it’s simply great.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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One thought on “Video: The QDMA Does Hunting Version of the Mannequin Challenge

  1. The only thing missing was seed suspended in the air from the spreader , otherwise it looks like a small slice of suspended time . Outstanding !

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