This is what a chain reaction of 11 rifle rounds looks like when shot with a Chronos high-speed camera.

Line up 11 rifle rounds (5.56 ammo), rig up a BB gun to ignite the primer of the first round, then enjoy some awesome super slow motion video goodness. That’s what TAOFLEDERMAUS did in this Youtube video, and it’s awesome.

As you can see, it takes a few tries, but eventually the BB gun ignites the first primer and the rest of the rounds follow.

This is a cool experiment alone, but when you add a Chronos high-speed camera and shoot it at 10,000 frames per second, it’s a game changer. It’s amazing to watch each individual round go off through the tube, and you can even see a bullet penetrate through the target at the end of the video.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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3 thoughts on “Video: Chain Reaction of 11 Rifle Rounds Set Off by BB Gun


    REPORTING ON SUCH IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR IS IN AND OF ITSELF IRRESPONSIBLE. (Yeah, I’m calling out OutdoorHub™ for even showing this.)

    Giving this person, who barely protects himself and his companions, a platform to spread his COMPLETELY UNSAFE practices, is a mistake. Spreading his kind of video further serves to show people bad practices, and unsafe handling of extremely weapons, ammunition in dangerous activities is wrong. And he doesn’t even say don’t try this at home (as if THAT ever stopped the Millennials [or anyone else] from doing insane stunts!)

    It seems that TAOFLEDERMAUS wants to die young or have his 15 seconds of fame for dying or maiming himself or killing or or maiming someone else. Total thumbs down on this person – who doesn’t even have the stones to use his real name..

    Get the guys at “Mythbusters™” together, and I think even they would reject this idea as unsafe. But if they did try it, you can bet dollars to pennies they would use a hardened steel bunker and a lot more protection for staff and cameras.

    TOTALLY INADVISABLE TO DO THIS. TAOFLEDERMAUS do you have a death wish, or are completely irresponsible, or just plain stupid?

  2. This is plain ridiculous, OutdoorHub your at stupid stuff AGAIN. Why do you show this nonsense!..It’s time for your advertisers to step up.

  3. I’d like to add that THIS KIND of idiotic activities is giving the gun control lobby all they need to try and shut down our God given Rights under the Second Amendment. PLEASE…. If this was shown to Congress, I’d see a repeal making it nullifying our rights.

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