Two Bull Moose Locked Antlers, then Frozen in Pond


A couple of bull moose out in Unalakleet, Alaska, got into a tussle that lead them to lock antlers, and eventually be killed in a pond.

When the breeding season comes around, things are tense in the moose world. It’s the time of year when bulls have to show off their strength in a show of dominance, or protect a cow-in-heat. Unfortunately, these two guys ended up as frozen as Mr. Freeze in Batman.

Jeff Erickson was the lucky guy who stumbled upon this frozen “moose-icle,” and posted the following photos to his Facebook page:

Jeff plans to remove the moose from the frozen water to preserve a “very unique head mount.” It’s a bummer that the moose had to go this way, but what a cool find! I personally can’t wait to see what he does with the mounts. The story certainly lends itself to a lot of cool ideas, such as a moose mount that appears to be frozen.

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