West Virginia DNR Releases First Group of Elk in the Mountain State Since 1875


It’s been a historic week for West Virginia DNR. Officials traveled to Kentucky to pick up the states first group of elk that will be released in the mountain state. The last elk to be taken from West Virginia was in 1875.

According to the West Virginia Natural Resources Police Facebook post, the project is supported by funding from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. You can see photos and video of the elk in the Facebook posts below:

Paul Johansen, wildlife chief for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources said, “This is one of the greatest conservation opportunities West Virginia has experienced in many, many years.” He went on saying, “This is one of the largest conservation efforts I’ve seen in my 30-plus-year career working with this agency. This is wildlife restoration at its best, and we’re very proud of it.”

We hope these elk enjoy their new home, it would great to see these animals develop a good foothold and continue to grow the population.

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