Even with unseasonably warm temps blanketing much of the northern United States, it’s still late-November, which means the evenings are most likely getting below 32 degrees, and quite possibly much colder. So even though daytime highs might hit 40 degrees, the chance of encountering ice at the boat landing is very real.

Lake ice certainly isn’t thick enough yet for hard-water angling, so if you want to fish, you have to do whatever it takes, just like the guys in the video below.

If you plan to launch your boat in the north country during the next week or two, be safe, wear your personal flotation device (a Mustang Survival Suit would be even better), and pack an ice chisel just in case!

Of course, after you motor away from the boat launch, don’t assume the water will be clear of broken ice. Unless you want to relive the Titanic’s terrible voyage, keep you speed down and your eyes peeled for trouble.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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One thought on “Video: Would You Break Ice to Launch Your Boat?

  1. Pretty Stupid, to risk the damage to the lights, trailer and boat for a couple of ducks. Let alone in that weather your risking your life.

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