Sure, reindeer can fly, and they’re in charge of delivering Christmas gifts all over the world, but this might be their coolest trick yet.

In a press release released by Domino’s Japan this month, the pizza company is working with the “Hokkaido Delivery Integrated Research Center” to come up with a way to get Prancer, Comet and Cupid to deliver pizzas.

It was first announced on Domino’s Facebook, saying the pizza delivery reindeer would be ready for action by December.

As you’ll see in the promotional video they released, strapping pizzas to reindeer goes just about as expected (not good!), so they settle on a pizza sleigh the reindeer will pull around with a pizza warmer on the back.

Whether this is just a hilarious stunt or the real thing, Domino’s has gotten pretty serious with this plan. They even created an official-looking PDF detailing their plan.


Image courtesy Domino's Japan Facebook

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