A man in Florida was out duck hunting one afternoon when an alligator suddenly attacked him.

He was reportedly loading up his kayak just before heading out to hunt the Everglades, when the gator let him know he got too close. The man was out hunting with a friend, and he said they were only in water up to their hips.

The gator bit down on the victim’s left leg and left a decent-size bite mark. Alligator bites are typically very rare, only occurring in such an instance where the animal gets startled and reacts.

Thankfully, the hunter’s injuries aren’t life threatening. He spent the night at the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. He may decide, however, to find a new hunting spot after this terrifying encounter.

Image courtesy Wikimedia

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One thought on “Duck Hunter Attacked by Alligator

  1. I would say this guy was lucky, no waterfowl hunting for me in Everglades unless am in a big boat!..You may also be the one there that is being hunted.

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