German firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch announced they will finally put a halt on selling firearms to non-NATO partners.

H&K was just recently making headlines as the Marine Corps is looking to replace the M4 Carbine with the M27 IAR. Now with this news, and being one of the world’s best-known gun makers, this is pretty significant. The company will sell only to countries that are democratic, free from corruption, and members of NATO or NATO members’ partners, Reuters reports.

The countries on the outs of any future deals with Heckler & Koch include Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, India and even Turkey.

The reason behind this strategy change is due to the difficulty in getting approval from the German government to make deals and export firearms out of the country. In 2015, H&K sued the German government for not approving a deal to supply Saudi Arabia with parts to make a G36 rifle.

Image from Heckler & Koch Facebook

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