Wayne Douville, of Abrams, Wisconsin, shot a decent-size 8-point buck this year after it had teased him on his trail camera all fall. But just when you think this is just like every other deer story, this particular tale has a very weird twist.

When Wayne went to begin the field dressing process, he noticed something very weird, or the lack of something, if you will.

This buck was not a buck. It turned out to be a doe that seemingly grew a set of antlers. This is very rare, although it does happen. It’s due to a higher level of testosterone in female deer, and it’s expressed with antler growth.

The deer itself, without the antlers, looks like a buck. The body on this deer is huge, it weighed 180 pounds!

Douville says he plans on getting the entire deer mounted, which will make for a cool and unique mount in his game room.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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