Not sure what to buy your hunt-loving dad or father-in-law this Christmas? Or maybe you have someone on your Christmas list who has everything? If so, I have the perfect gift idea.

Remember books? Yes, we used to read them all the time before smartphones and laptops took over the universe. Well, I still enjoy reading books while waiting on a whitetail in the deer stand, or when flying in a plane. Books are great because they can be interesting (assuming you choose the right title), and you don’t need batteries or Wi-Fi for them to function.

One book I plan to read this December is about longtime outdoor writer and avid sportsman Jim Zumbo. If you’re too young to remember the name Zumbo, trust me on this one: The man had it made as a hunting writer and editor – until a single blog about AR-style rifles all but killed his career. The details of the fallout are nothing short of amazing.

There is so much more to Zumbo’s fascinating career and life than this one blog entry and the ensuing firestorm. And even though I’ve worked with Zumbo in the past (I edited an elk hunting book he authored many years ago), I can’t claim to know him well. That’s one of the reasons I’m excited to read this new book.

What I do know about the legendary outdoorsman I like very much, and I look forward to discovering how he dealt with such a major setback. In many ways, Zumbo was the spark that began an important conversation about ARs in America, and their widespread popularity among hunters and shooters today can arguably be traced back to Zumbo’s single blog post. Like I said . . . amazing.

Click here to buy a copy in time for Christmas, and be sure to watch the video promo for the book below. Good stuff.

Image by Dave Maas

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2 thoughts on “Great Gift Idea for The Hunter Who has Everything

  1. Oh for Pete’s sake, get over it! Cut the guy a break. Are you perfect? Never made some error in judgement? The sports community does not need this kind of distraction.

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