The Gardner Police Department in Gardner, Kansas, was contacted recently about reports of a mountain lion in the area. Alarmed about the possibility of a dangerous animal close to town, they deployed two trail cameras in an attempt to verify the reports.

They certainly collected some interesting critter pics, but not the kind they expected.

They got your ordinary photos of a skunk and a coyote, but still no mountain lion.

And then things got weird.

That’s no mountain lion..

Nope, definitely no mountain lion here.

R.I.P. Harambe. At least he’s not alone, but still no mountain lion!

This is getting out of control. Remember, this is all on the same trail cam.

Note to self, stay out of Celebration Park late at night! The Gardner Police Department showed a good sense of humor about the weird behavior, however. Their Facebook post after retrieving the images read:

Image is a screenshot from the Gardner Police Department Facebook

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