This is a real bummer. You never like to see two trophy bucks fight to the death, but it’s especially disheartening when it’s two mature bucks like this.

The photo below was taken from Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch in northern Wisconsin. Apple Creek is a premier fenced in 1500 acre whitetail destination, home to some world class bucks.

In a post on the Ranch’s Facebook, two mature bucks are seen entangled by their antlers and stuck with a tree between them. They were found like this on December 1, 2016 around 4 p.m. according to the Facebook post.

Again, you never want to see this happen, but when it’s two mature bucks over 200 inches, and both with drop tines, you almost want to shed a tear.

Fortunately, Apple Creek is home to countless trophies like these two, and if you’re looking for a place to get an unbelievable guided hunt experience, this is the place to go. Visit their website for more details on when to book your next hunt.

Image courtesy Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch Facebook

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  • tom

    sorry when they are fenced in like cattle, 200 inches just doesnt seem the same to me.

  • NorthernMichiganBoy

    These are not WILD DEER, they are only trophy if scored SCI? Not Booners…Pathetic someone needs a guided hunt on a fenced enclosure. Let’s talk about REAL HUNTERS and Real Wild Deer.

  • Ed

    Two head of livestock died. That’s it.

  • Remedy

    For deer to grow this big they must be in a highly managed area that can’t be open. I don’t think these monsters were allowed to come and go as they pleased, more likely their enclosed by fence and high security because of their value
    which is in the $50,000.00 dollar range. I have read that a whitetail scoring over 200 inches commands this kind of money from a client that hunts them. Only rich men hunt this type of outfit which is sad for the deer, they deserve better.

  • Lisa Messmer

    Canned hunting isn’t hunting. This probably wouldn’t have happened if they were truly wild.

  • Mike

    Farmed deer, big deal.