A man in Russia somehow survived shooting himself in the heart with a crossbow not just once, but TWICE.

Doctors miraculously saved the 53-year-old’s life, by removing his heart, repairing the damage and then replacing it back in his chest. The man was still conscious when he was brought to the hospital, and told the medics he had tried to commit suicide.

After shooting himself the first time, he somehow still had enough strength to knock another bolt and fire it into his chest. One of the bolts hit his left ventricle, mitral valve and left atrium, while the second one entered from the side of his abdominal aorta.

CAUTION- Graphic Images:


Two Crossbow Heart Shots
Image Courtesy: fishki.net
Heart Shot
Image courtesy: fishki.net

Doctors at Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Center performed an incredible procedure, putting the man on a heart-lung machine while they removed his heart, both arrows and then sewed it back up using his own heart tissue. The doctors said the man’s condition is “stable but serious.”

Image courtesy fishki.net

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4 thoughts on “Warning Graphic: Russian Man Survives TWO Crossbow Bolts to the Heart

    1. The doctor is probably an old throwback from a Cold War era Siberian political prisoner camp. He probably had lots of “patients” he practiced his medical experiments on. Lol.

  1. Shows the difference between field points and broadheads. These bolts basically sealed their own wound channels which kept the guy from bleeding out.

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