In New York, huge crowds of people have been gathering to catch a “rare” glimpse of Harlem’s new visitors – three whitetail deer.

A small buck and two other deer have been spotted in Harlem’s Jackie Robinson Park, and it’s been the new neighborhood attraction.

Residents have been in complete awe over seeing these deer, and many are wondering how they even ended up on the Island of Manhattan. Some people believe the deer must have taken a swim to the island in search of food.

The best line from the CBS New York News video is “You can tell we’re all city folks because we’re out here with our cameras and going, ‘It’s a DEER!’ ”

A lot of us are so used to seeing deer on a regular basis that we can’t even imagine what it’s like to not see them at all. For these inner city New York residents, seeing a wild deer like this certainly doesn’t happen everyday, where as for others, deer are just a part of everyday life.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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