Video: This Insane Drill Is NOT How the Mannequin Challenge is Done


This is not the mannequin challenge and should NEVER be repeated.

There’s always one video a day that stands out to us as a “what the hell were they thinking?” clip, and this one is nothing short of that.

As the video starts, you begin to put the pieces together as to what’s going to happen next. However, nothing can quite prepare you for this level of stupidity.

Two guys facing each other, one with a pistol on his hip, the other standing about 10 feet away with his back against a mannequin and his arm wrapped around his own neck. It seems like just when you see where this video is going, the man draws his firearm and quickly shoots the mannequin behind the “hostage.”

Barely taking enough time to aim, the shooter hits the mannequin over the shoulder of the “hostage” only a few inches from his head, and he doesn’t even flinch!

If you’re wondering how/why these drills are ran, take a look at this completely insane (and dangerous) training method:

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