Big-Game Hunter Dies After Falling into Ravine on Bird Hunt


An Italian veterinarian who had been the center of social media criticism for sharing photos of animals he hunted, has died after falling into a ravine during a bird hunt.

Luciano Ponzetto received countless death threats last year for posting his hunting photos and posing with the game he harvested. Ponzetto stood by his hunting, saying “being a vet was not incompatible with hunting, neither morally or professionally.”

Unfortunately, the veterinarian died after apparently slipping on a sheet of ice and falling 100 feet to his death, while on a wild bird hunt.

Mr. Ponzetto was a heck of a hunter. Mostly pursuing game in Tanzania, he posed in many photos with leopards, lions, rams and boars. Italy’s Veterinarians’ Guild defended Ponzetto, and his favorite hobby, in a statement: “Hunting is a hobby regulated by the law, which does not allow us to take measures against him.”

We’re sad to hear about this news, but it’s even more sad when you realize some anti-hunters are probably out there rejoicing after hearing about his passing.

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