Video: Deep Sea Ice Fishing for Greenland Shark


Put on your polar bear skin pants, because we’re going ice fishing for Greenland sharks.

That’s right, this amazing video shows Amos and his son Karl-Frederik catch the largest Greenland shark they’ve ever landed. They pull the shark up from a half-mile below the ice!

When they got the massive creature to the surface, they realized they had underestimated themselves when the tail fin barely fits through the ice.

Deep Sea Ice Fishing

The two fishermen quickly made enough room to squeeze the shark up onto the ice, but they can’t lift their massive catch by themselves. They need some help from their dogs, who after all will be the ones eating the thing.

The team works together to hoist the shark up out of the frozen saltwater, and they begin filleting the it into steaks for their dogs to eat.

This shark is over 13 feet long and weighs more than a half-ton. Still, it will feed their 20 dogs for only 2 weeks.

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