Video: Can You Spot the Blooper in this Classic Gunfight?


Do you have a keen eye for catching bloopers in TV shows and movies? Okay then, time to test your skills.

In the video below, actor Chuck Connors (character name, Lucas McCain) from “The Rifleman” is confronted on the street by a gunslinger, who hopes to pocket $5,000 dollars for killing McCain.

As the video below shows, McCain finally tires of the gunslinger’s verbal jabs and “calls” him out.

Watch the entire video closely. Does anything seem a bit odd in the confrontation?

Didn’t catch the blooper the first time? Then watch it again.

Spoiler alert: Give up? Okay, watch closely as the gunslinger yells at McCain. Notice the brown horse near the gunslinger? And see the two women walking toward him, too? But in the next scene only a split-second later, the horse and women are gone. Then the brown horse is back. Then the horse is gone. And finally the horse is back when McCain fills the bad guy with lead.

“The Rifleman” trivia: The show aired from 1958 to 1963, and was set in the 1880s. McCain’s firearm, a Winchester Model 1892 lever-action carbine in .44/40 W.C.F. (Winchester Center Fire), was a bit of a show blooper, too. You see, McCain was carrying a gun (first built in 1892) that hadn’t been invented yet!

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