Carson Wentz Buys Customized Beretta Shotguns for Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line


Offensive linemen have one of if not the most important jobs on the football field: Protect the quarterback. And you should always take care of the people whose job it is to take care of you.

That’s exactly what rookie quarterback, Carson Wentz, did this Christmas. He bought all the guys up front, who protect him every single game, Beretta shotguns, each personalized with the player’s number on the stock. Ah, the gift of protection, pretty sweet!

Wentz spends a great deal of his spare time outdoors; in fact, he was laying in a cornfield goose hunting when he found out Sam Bradford would be traded, and he shot his first buck this year on a bye week. Not a bad year!

The shotguns are apparently getting the finishing touches, and then they will be ready for action. Wentz reportedly sent out a text message to his teammates, with a picture of the guns. Merry Christmas!

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