Today Hudson Mfg introduced the revolutionary H9 striker fired 1911 style pistol. A pistol born to change and improve the way pistols are built.

We live in a rapidly evolving world, yet pistols have remained relatively unchanged for the better half of a century. At Hudson, they see this as an opportunity to make not just a new pistol, but a better pistol. Every detail and every feature of the new Hudson H9 is made with a purpose and driven towards one goal: to make a pistol that is practical for carry, and advanced by design.

Hudson states on their website:

“Elegant simplicity and cutting-edge design unite in a stunning example of modern weaponry. With a distinct focus on the needs of the shooter the all new Hudson H9 is not simply a new contender in the firearms industry, with 7 patents pending, it is a pistol that is engineered to advance.”


New Hudson H9

Overall Length7.625 in
Overall Height5.225 in (no mag)
Overall Width (No Thumb Safties)1.23 in
Barrel Length4.28 in
Weight Unloaded34.0 oz (No Mag) / 36.5 oz (Empty Mag)
Weight Loaded42.6 oz
Trigger Pull Weight4.5-6.0 lbs
Trigger Travel.115 in
Mag Capacity15 rnd
Sight Radius6.26 in

Everyone know’s the trigger can make or break a firearm, so why not have the best? The well-tuned 1911 style trigger found on the Hudson H9 offers exactly that. The patent pending integral trigger safety is engaged instinctively and doesn’t take away from the smooth straight pull trigger that allows the shooter steadier and more consistent follow-up shots.

Hudson really hit the nail on the head with this one. Everything they promise is right here in the new H9. Now we just need to wait to see how much it costs.

Visit the Hudson website for more details and specs on their new handgun, which will be available in Q2.

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  • David2u

    It probably is a very good handgun, but I personally would never use the word ‘elegant’ to describe it.

  • Gene Lester

    Kinda like a crossbreeding of a Hi-Point with a Glock with a little piece of 1911 just added so they could refer to the 1911. Ugly is what I would call it.

    • Bobby Whitmore

      Have you put your hands on one of these?

  • kevin p davis

    To Fat & To Much Doe $

    • kevin p davis

      MSRP: $1,147.00

  • witkenbay

    To Fat & To Much Doe $ MSRP: $1,147.00

  • mick hansen

    I have noticed that some people didn’t get the news that the wold have converted to metric system ,so for those who want to sell their product to the rest of the wold and not only U.S I think they should get up to date so everybody can read and undestand it clearly .

    • Noel P.

      Fine, we have a system that works for us so why change it ? Most of us that managed a bit of education can handle the differences and convert to metric. Last I heard American firearms have done well around this world of ours. So if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

    • S L

      Should have stayed in school. Wold is realy World. LOL

  • Jim B

    priced the same as a hi point or sccy, should get it to sell. Much more and it will no doubt go the way of the wooly mammoth! Keep it!

  • Jim B

    $250 and not a nickel more

  • Lawrence Oliver

    Bring that price point down about $500 bucks and I’d buy one.

  • Pistolero

    What is all that stuff hanging below the front of the gun?

    • They placed the recoil spring lower so the frame itself can sit lower than a standard 1911. This provides a really low bore axis.

    • witkenbay

      Money ….:)

  • Snug

    The thing that most comments dwell on is that it looks different . The ironclad ” Monitor ” looked funny to all the naval warriors who saw her , but warships and tanks have movable turrets today .

  • Force Multiplier

    I think it’s a badass concept, and I’ll be buying one of the first that come out. I think it’s going to make other manufacturers rethink they’re engineering to some degree or another.

    • Pistolero

      I am never one to buy the first run of any gun. Too many times the bugs haven’t been worked out. I’ll wait until consistent good reports are coming in before I plunk down my bucks. Someone has to be first, though!

  • Mikial

    This thing may be accurately called a new design that incorporates some features of several different models of handguns including a little of the 1911, but it is most certainly NOT a striker fired 1911 as the article title claims.

  • Bonzaipilot

    This is not a 1911 in anyway shape or form not even in style so I referred to it as a 1911. This is an entirely new pistol design so why not go off of the merits of the new design Instead of living off the design of Browning

  • RobSeaTac

    Sorry Hudson, your H9 is NOT a 1911 by any means. I’m sure its a fine polymer pistol. But it is no different than a Glock 37. Its a .45 ACP but nowhere near a 1911

    • Mason

      But it’s not just another poly semi. It’s a steel frame with 7 pending patents…..?


      It’s not .45, or polymer so…

  • Kirk

    I think it looks great!

  • witkenbay

    Looks like it already has a flashlight built in the front..