Video: Spearfisherman Gets Up Close & Personal With Angry Bull Shark


Bull sharks are notorious for being ill tempered and extremely aggressive. For that reason, they’re arguably the most dangerous shark in the ocean. Need more convincing? Check out the video below:

The diver was just going about his business treading open water, when in the blink of an eye, this angry bull shark is right in his grill. The speed of these sharks is incredible, and it’s just one of the reasons why they’re so dangerous.

Fortunately, this diver saw the shark coming and was able to defend himself with the only weapon he had.

Instinctively, the diver shoves his spear gun into the mouth of the attacking shark and stops it right in its tracks. If you were already afraid of the ocean, this video certainly won’t help. If the diver wouldn’t have seen the shark coming, he would have never known what hit him.

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