GLOCK posted this photo to their Facebook and it wins our photo of the day.

This exploded GLOCK photo, gives viewers an inside peek at the trusty firearm, and depicts what GLOCK stands for perfectly: Simple, uncomplicated, and easy to use.

(Hint: This photo looks awesome as a background image on your phone, enjoy!)

Image from Wikimedia

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5 thoughts on “Exploded GLOCK Wins Photo of the Day

  1. It would be nice to see a close up of what actually blew, it seems it would be an “out-of-battery” ignition. More usual is an obstructed barrel, when they let go, the barrel bulges or splits and parts of the slide or receiver rail distorts or cracks too. I saw one last year as the owner visited the store and claimed it should be a warranty return! The nerve! In some ways this Pic looks made up.

      1. yeah, other comment from Mikiai also thought / implied it failed! They shoulda said “exploded VIEW”, instead of “exploded glock” . On the other hand, a blown-up gun would be a good reminder as a background image! lol

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