Jesse Ventura lost his appeal to reinstate a $1.8 million award in the defamation case against ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle.

The former Minnesota governor claimed Kyle made up a story about punching him in the face at a bar in his autobiography, even though Ventura was never mentioned by name in that book.

On Monday, U.S. Supreme Court denied Ventura’s  attempts to reinstate the defamation case against Chris Kyle, his family, and his estate.




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  • Illegal Alien

    Oh hell. Something else for Ventura to blame on Bush and Cheney.

  • Miley not so circus

    Chris was a great shot , also pretty full of shit though

    • Lynn Gould

      how do you know were you there miley

      • Miley not so circus

        Yep twice

      • Rob Waddell

        Your entire life is disgusting, you, are full of shit!

  • Greg Austin

    Good. Lets face it. NOBODY could ever make Ventura look more ridiculous than he can himself. Just not possible.

    • Fishhead515

      AMEN brother !!!

  • Steve Cooper CMP North Gen Mgr

    Doesn’t matter Jesse. If you need the money that bad, maybe you should manage your career more intelligently. At least you’re still in a position to do so – you’re alive. Best wishes to the Kyle family.


    Still a POS eh Jess?

  • Blackdeep

    Is he hurting so bad for money that he has to take it away from a widow.

  • Rob Waddell

    That’s great news! Ventura is a loudmouth slob! Taking money away from a widow, with children of a deceased hero? Hell No!!

  • Chiefbuck

    I’m not sure about the timeline but I believe that the Master Chief was dead when Ventura filed the lawsuit. It made my day when I read that Ventura lost his appeal.

  • Simon Samaniego III

    Thank God the Ventura (wannabe) is not awarded for his delusions! Chris was a true hero, and his wife Taya is carrying on his legacy.

    • Jack

      Chris is still a hero – living or dead a hero remains a hero. Period.