2 men attempted to rob a gun store in Mableton, Georgia, but the store owner had a little surprise for them.

It all happened Monday morning December 26th, 2016 at the Dixie Gun and Pawn shop. The store owner Jimmy Groover said, “two men wearing masks came in with guns drawn, demanding that he get on the floor, while shouting they were going to kill him.”

Fortunately, Groover was wearing a handgun on his hip at the time of the attempted robbery, and quickly turned the tables on the suspects.

Groover had a split second to react in that situation, and he never hesitated. He pulled out his gun and fired, fatally hitting one of the gunmen. Bullets flew through the store, shattering the glass counters and the store front window.

Police said a series of bullets were fired in both directions.

When police arrived on the scene, they found one of the suspects lying on the floor, but the other escaped in a silver Dodge Charger.

Groover was obviously a little rattled after all of this occurred, stating he “never wanted anything like this to happen, but he also wants to go home at night as well.”

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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68 thoughts on “WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Gun Store Owner Shoots Gunman in Attempted Robbery

      1. He is a monster for saying people have the right to defend their property and their life? Must be a libiturd troll.

  1. Idiots – they didn’t think the owner of a pawn shop just might be armed? They got what they deserved. Hopefully #2 perp has a few holes in him to remember what a foolish decision this was.

    1. What a bizarre thing to say. Do you ever wonder if you could become more than a toxic racist with a heart full of hate? It is possible to leave bigotry behind. The rest of us have been doing it for generations now.

      1. Say what? Why is what I stated racist Rex? Bet you are anti-gun and voted for Hillary who lost too.

      2. What was racist? Nothing he said was racist. Always one that tries to continue what oboob started, a race war.

      3. Steve lets get together and discuss my service during the Vietnam war and my support for Trump. You know this is a pro gun sight and yes I like guns. Never heard of the KKK in my area up North. This isn’t the 1940’s Steve.

  2. Wait a minute, I thought its the right thats a bunch of morons and the dems are all intellectuals. Clearly they dont know what the hell intellectual actually means. How stupid do you have to be to try and rob a gun shop? Next time a gun show is in town, try to rob them, sure youll catch them by surprise.

  3. Bet the perp has a long record of robberies and other criminal acts, trying to rob a gun store was the last stupid thing he tried.

      1. You’re right, there was another guy behind the counter. But, he might as well been alone, as the other guy had his hands up and later, was walking around with a drawn gun like it was the first time he ever held one. Kudos to the store owner for quick & decisive action.

    1. it does not matter alone or not. he did it by himself and at least one will not kill or try to kill anyone ever again, isn’t that a shame???

      1. Well, I guess you’ll have to write Mr. Groover and call Him a “moron” too, cause that’s just what he did. And his employee had the opportunity to draw & fire as well– but didn’t!
        Love to see what You would do in a like situation, besides wetting your panties.

      2. WRONG moron. He drew of person who had drawn on a DIFFERENT person.

        Get back to me when you have mastered at least 2nd grade level English.

      1. Why does it offend you Hedge. The sorry SOB Obama is out of office soon and Hillary LOST. We now have a pro gun President in soon. If you notice the thug who got shot was BLACK. Thus Obama’s ideal of a son if he had one.

      2. Is that so?? But your god obama sure had NO PROBLEMS inserting himself into racially charged situations (of which this is not) and castigating the white(s) involved while defending the black(s) and WITHOUT knowing any of the facts! Take about a fool? look no further than the nearest mirror to see who that is, and to see a very childish person who got their “feelings hurt” because their “pwerwesident” was referenced.

  4. I once saw this happen in Portland Oregon many years ago, I had just walked out of the store which was owned and operated by a WWII Japanese American veteran from a very decorated combat unit. The man who robbed him knew him and after demanding money and being given it he promptly shot the older gentleman, who then pulled his 45 caliber revolver from under the counter and followed him outside and shot him and brought him down, I asked for and recieved his revolver after he had collapsed in the dorway of his store. Another man from next door then stepped over him and claimed he was going to close up the shop and secure it for him, however he proceeded to remove items he wanted. Years later I spoke with the Japanese gun store owner and he stated that he had captured the whole event on surveilance camera and that they got the 2nd fellow who robbed him too. P.S. He was still operating the gunstore. I have an idea that the fellas who robbed him were operating license plate making machinery at the state pen if the 1st fella did not die from his wounds.

  5. You can’t fix stupid. All of the employees at every gun store I’ve ever been in are open carrying, and I promise you, they all know how to shoot. He might as well have walked into a Police station and done the same thing.

  6. Deserving retribution shooting examples are fun to watch, didn’t realize when the heart explodes all body functions stop, center mass should be a wake-up call to Obama’s kids

  7. He totally screw up. Should have not missed the second guy! Understandable though, under fire is something that less than 1 tenth of 1 % of us get to experience.

    1. He totally screwed up??? He’s breathing, unhurt, and fatally shot one of two thugs while another CNC holder cowers in fear and draws his weapon only AFTER Groover shot one assailant dead. I’m sorry, but you’re an utter fool to make such a stupid comment. You sit there and totally misjudge Groover based on a video showing him coming out on top, when in reality if you were in the same situation, my money says you would have been cowering in fear like that clown customer was and who only had the brass to pull after the dust settled. That man has no business carrying and is likely to end up having his own weapon used against him should he one day draw rather than cower.

  8. Now that’s how you get the kind of reputation that keeps thugs from getting any ideas about robbing you.
    They usually prefer easier targets and now know that this store should not be meddled with – EVER.
    I hope the other robber caught some lead poisoning on the way out.

  9. Did no one else notice that foolish customer off to the right who was cowering in complete fear with both hands up as he turned his back to the assailants? Only AFTER Groover shot one thug dead and sent the other running for his life did that clown reappear and WITH a gun drawn!! If there was ever a person who should not be carrying and who would likely end up having his own weapon used against him if he ever drew it in the face of a threat, it was him.

    Watch the video closely; you will see him cowering in so much fear that it appears his eyes are closed, and with both hands UP in the air! Only after the threat is gone and one thug is dead and the other is gone does the guy have his gun drawn and then it’s pointing up in the air as if he doesn’t really know what to do with it. God forbid he help Groover while the threat existed!

    I am not against someone who complies and throws their hands in the air. But when someone, especially a carry concealed holder with a gun does that, and then draws only after the threat is neutralized by another carrier? Sorry, that’s my definition of a total coward. He didn’t act until it was safe to start acting, and by then it was too little too late.

    1. Yes yes… we all get it. If you looked up to see two muzzles pointed at your face, you would have done a Chuck Norris spinning roundhouse kick to both of their faces while simultaneously performing a lightning speed, double quick-draw of two pistols from your waistband. And before they could react and pull their triggers, you would have shot the guns from their hands. And then you’d have turned to the security camera with a wry smile, and said, “Two-for one special on aisle three”.

      1. You have zero sense friend. I would have drawn and fired, PERIOD. Not a chance in HELL I would have COWERED down in the face of life threatening danger as I would have assumed they were going to shoot me, not waited to find out. I have charged people in the past who had guns drawn on me. Sounds to me like you too are another coward. I am not the type of person who waits for others to act, I act independently.You too must be the type of person who would have their own gun taken away and they used against you. It’s my opinion that you’re a fool if you can’t see what’s wrong with his behavior.

    2. I think that was possibly a store employee who was waiting for backup from the gray haired guy who was unaware of what was going down. Once the owner alerted to the robbery in progress and drew his weapon then the employee pulled out his weapon and also engaged.

  10. The only good bug is a dead bug. The Second Amendment is ALL about the right to self defense and really has nothing to do with hunting.

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