ATA 2017: Cool New Smartphone-Friendly Muff from Hunter Safety System


How new is new? When the product isn’t even featured yet on a company’s website!

Check this out: While learning about the new LifeLines and harnesses from Hunter Safety System (think scent control; more to come on that later!) at the 2017 ATA (archery) Show, I happened to notice the little gem in the photo above sitting on a chair in the HSS booth. And after learning about it, I simply have to share the news immediately.

The traditional HSS Muff Pack shown here is getting a smart upgrade.
The traditional HSS Muff Pack shown here is getting a smart upgrade.

Hunter Safety System sells many accessories, one of which is a Muff Pack (shown in the hunting photo above), but now they’ve come up with one with a see-through flexible “window” sown in the middle. As my smartphone pic below shows, the new Muff Pack is designed specifically for those hunters who carry a smartphone into the field, which means 99.99 percent of us! (After all, it’s a smart decision to carry a phone into the field in case you need help.)

img_2363 1-12-17

The great thing about this new Muff Pack is you don’t have to take your smartphone out of the warm pack to respond to text messages, scroll through Facebook, check the weather, or whatever it is you do on your phone to pass the time between whitetail sightings. No more frozen fingers and dropped phones!

This Muff Pack is so new it didn’t even have the Hunter Safety System logo on it yet. In other words, it’s a prototype. But from what I saw, the handy Muff Pack is going to sell like crazy.

Nicely done Hunter Safety System!

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