An SAS sniper made a shot that’s being called “one in a million,” after he killed three ISIS terrorists with one bullet.

The incident apparently went down in November during a secret SAS intelligence gathering mission in a remote village, the Daily Star Sunday reports.

When multiple prisoners attempted to flee an ISIS regime, the terrorists ordered the civilians to stop, at which point, three gunmen took aim at the women and children attempting to escape from a second story window.

SAS troops jumped into action. The sniper, who was armed with an L115A rifle loaded with .338 Lapua Magnum bullets, fired at the gunmen in the window, and that’s when it happened.

His bullet hit the first terrorist in the head, killing him instantly. The same bullet kept on flying as it hit another terrorist in the chest, passed right through his body, and then ricocheted, striking the third gunmen in the neck. All three targets neutralized with one shot.



Image courtesy Flickr


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  • Cottersay

    I pray this story is true. Such a kill against such a hellish enemy is glorious.

  • 92nRed Rappini

    SAS Kudos.

  • Watchdogman

    Hot Damn! Great kill at modest expense!

  • David

    Great Shot!

  • labhunter1

    Awesome job SAS! I also hope this is a true story. Need more of this good news.

  • Anthony wright

    Great job keep up the good work for the home team

  • Rob Waddell

    Thats awesome! The kind of thing legends are made of, we’re gonna make it through this bad stretch of luck we’ve been having! Guys like him are going to be able to show what they’re made of! Soros, Obama, Kerry, they must be taken out!

  • Rob Waddell

    That kind of skill, and a little luck, scares the hell out of our enemies!

    • Alvin Sedig

      It sure does!

  • OutdoorsGuy

    Wow, I’ve heard of “conserving your ammo” but this is going to the next level of conservation!!

  • Ram Muchewicz

    Saving lives balanced the expense … because the three weren’t worth the price of the price of the bullet.

  • Leah D. Lichtenberg

    Well, that’s one way to do it!!!